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“With the proper training,
Man can be dog’s best friend.”

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We believe that all dogs and humans can live together in joyous harmony.

Working with dog guardians for countless years, we have discovered that many behavioral problems are occurring in our society today as a result of changing roles for both humans and dogs.

For instance, we humans once enjoyed very harmonious working relationships with our canine counterparts because they had a job to do, and were part of how we lived and prospered.

In today’s more modern society, many dogs are now chosen to share their lives with humans strictly in a companionship role and this has created a misunderstanding between dog and human.

As well, because our society is turning toward dogs to occupy roles once fulfilled by human children and other adults, with society choosing pets 4 to 1 over having children, and expecting our dogs to take on the responsibilities of fur covered, small people, this is having a detrimental effect, as you can see, on both humans and dogs alike.

As a result, our dogs are becoming neurotic, unbalanced, unhappy and stressed because they no longer have a well defined role to play in our lives, and no longer receive the leadership they need in order to be happy and well balanced family members.

Despite how society has changed and how humans view their changing relationships with dogs, the fact remains that the one thing dogs are the very best at doing is being dogs.

With over 40 years experience observing dogs and other animals in the wild, K-9 Super Heroes Dog Whispering has developed an effective teaching method that helps bridge the gap between canine and human, through the teaching of dog psychology, so that behavioral problems are no longer an issue.

We have developed a personalized, one on one strategy customized to provide solutions that meet or exceed the needs of every unique human/canine relationship that may be experiencing any manner of behavioral problems.

Book Your In Home or Video Dog Whispering Session Today

There is rarely an occasion more joyous than that of bringing home a new puppy, or adopted or rescued dog as this sets you off on a journey that will enhance your life, bring you joy and contentment, companionship, unconditional love, endless laughter and the many health benefits associated with walking your neighbourhood meeting and greeting new friends.

However, as you can understand, even with the very best of intentions, sometimes our relationships can take unexpected twists and turns that leave us questioning the efficacy of our decisions. 

If you’ve found yourself experiencing a less than joyous relationship with your fur friend and are starting to wonder if enrolling yourself in a short course in dog psychology might be exactly what you need to get yourself and your dog back on track, we’re here to help you learn how to embrace the relationship you truly yearn for with your canine companion(s).

We are consummate problem solvers, who find solutions for unsettling situations humans may be experiencing with their canine counterparts.

Spend a little time with us now and enjoy the benefits of being our client for a lifetime.

We love what we do and passionately believe that we are blessed with the most rewarding career. What could be better than bringing positive transformation to lives so that humans and dogs can peacefully and happily co-exist.

We humans live dynamic, ever changing lives, which means that sometimes we can be unaware that our dogs are despondent, with the result being that many exceptional dogs live a life of quiet (or not so quiet) desperation.

If you are experiencing behavior problems with your dog, it’s not because they are misbehaving, rather, it’s because they are “telling” you that their life is out of balance.

The GOOD NEWS is that dogs live in the present, which means that no matter what challenges you and your dog have been living with in the past, you certainly can live a happy, peaceful life with your canine companion(s) in the future.

Asia, Jim and fur friend, Boris will show you simple ways to eliminate any unwanted behaviors by taking you beyond training and teaching you what your dog truly needs.

When you spend a little time with us now, you’ll enjoy the benefits of being our client for a lifetime.

We want to help those who want only the best for their dog(s) and their family and we want to show you that your dog is not misbehaving, but rather that he or she is just misunderstood.

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“He is your friend, your partner,
your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true,
to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”
— Unknown

Our more than 40 years experience can teach you how to bring harmony to your dog/canine relationship, by showing you ways to resolve your differences. Please take a few moments to become acquainted with our website, read our reference letters and testimonials, check out our photo gallery and get a feel for how we can assist you and your dog.

Our dogs selflessly bring the gifts of their unique and very special qualities to enhance our lives and we owe it to them to learn what THEY need to be well balanced, happy members of our family.

“We give dogs time we can spare,
space we can spare and love we can spare.
In return, dogs give us their all.
It’s the best deal man has ever made.”

Margery Facklam, Award-Winning Children’s Science Author

In order to really understand our canine friends, it means that we humans need to make the effort to learn how best to communicate with them so that we are able to provide our dogs with what they truly need to be contented and happy members of our human family.

We always believe that with the proper training, man or woman can be dog’s best friend.

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Start your journey today! We look forward to hearing from you.

Bye for now.

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